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Thunderous Silence

Thunderous Silence

written by: MyArtMix



She clenched my hand so tightly

She smiled so very brightly

a wandering child with hair of gold

and ember eyes that warmed the cold


storm clouds on the horizon could do her no harm

with hands clenched tight, She clung to my arm

but the time did come

when lightening out shined the sun


She hoped to look up and see the sky fade from grey

but as she got older her sun hid away

years passed without a sighting

her bright smile grew uninviting

seasons did go as color leapt from her clothes

tainted skies brought her to new lows


an umbrella popped, would keep her dry

but joy prescribed, would prove; a lie


with symptoms treated

but psyche depleted

her vision hazed behind its cloth

her mind frayed by its troth


our held hands drifted to closed fists

her ember eyes into shut lids

and now instead did she only clench

to her coat, boots and that umbrella shaped noose


everywhere did it go

from rain and to snow

like an armored suit

It kept her numb and alone

canopied under its metal bars

she claims she can look through

and see the stars


But focused on the dark

that sets them apart

she now matched her sky

cold and distant

tears turned to floods

in just an instant


and with one final pop

for who, I’ll never know

she clenched her umbrella tightly

and decided never to let go

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