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written by: Phyllis Souza


Tigger, an alley cat, lapped milk, hunted mice and leaped through open car windows to nap. One day he picked the wrong car.

Ten miles from home, while curled up in the back seat, the driver discovered him, pulled over, and tossed him out onto a busy street.

With a broken leg, he traveled for days. Finally, in pain, he meowed on the back porch of his home. When Mary, his owner, opened the door, Tigger's glassy eyes looked up.

With a lump in her throat and tears streaming down her cheeks, "Oh... Tigger."

He died cradled in her arms.

Phyllis Souza

Phyllis Souza

Phyllis Souza, camera shy, lives in Northern California. She's retired from a 28-year real estate career, has two grown sons and three grandsons. She likes to write short stories and spends most of her time doing just that.
Phyllis Souza

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