Timeless, poetry written by JayM at Spillwords.com



written by: JayM


From somewhere a faraway heaven,
A stream of cool wind
carried a blossom of goodness,
A flower vision of beauty in hope,
Afloat on the immense river of exploration,
And never conclusion,
Flowing, moving incessantly;
Treasures of virtue in deeds,
Of wisdom in thoughts,
Of nobility in soul.

Fishing for trinkets
in this river of dreams,
I find the heavenly wind that blows,
Ignites thoughts ablaze –
Where has this wind that blows been,


In a dream from far away, it’s scent,
It’s memory, it’s scene,
In the wicker window of my mind.
Kind, like first rain on parched land,
Kneeling to gather, I find,
Fording the flow,
Stepping across,
Settled river bottom
worn sands of time,
The blossom, The river, the wind;
Are nothing,
But a drop of paradise,
In the palm of my hand.

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