Tip Jar written by James Gabriel at Spillwords.com

Tip Jar

tip jar

written by: James Gabriel



he took the regular
ferry to the island
stroller locked
baby sleeping

 shaking the sameness
following the funeral
the house still
hospice cleared the

couldn’t sleep in
bed stayed on the
couch that

 they fought over
faux leather
squeaking as he
changed sides

 in his sleep
the ferry rocked slowly
drinking too strong coffee
black in a Styrofoam cup

 the baby
breathing in
the salt sea air
as the ferry hit

 choppy water and
began to sway
he looked at the
tip jar

 black marker
on battered white
cardboard asking
politely to tip

 taped to a large clear
plastic cup
staying still
glued to the

rock solid
beyond the grasp
of an angry sea

James Gabriel

James Gabriel

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California. James Gabriel is new to poetry. Inspired by the small moments in life that add up to who we are as people.
James Gabriel

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