Tired, poetry by Breanna Hobbs-Dunning at Spillwords.com
Scott Rodgerson



written by: Breanna Hobbs-Dunning


Late at night,
I want to scream
I want to cry
And I hate to admit it but I want to die.

I’m scared of all those voices
Inside my head
They scream to hell
They could bring me to death.

I can’t let them win,
But I’m just so tired
So tired of this life I’m living
Too tired to fight
I just want to let go
And stop this life.

I want to stop this constant hurt
To stop the voices in my head
To never have to get out of bed
To stop cutting up my skin
Like it’s paper
The blade playing as a pen,
But I’m an artist
And cannot quit now.
Every line is a step closer to finish my artwork.
Once I finish
The lines will soon fade
Till little white lines are all that remain.

After all,
Wasn’t I born
Just to die.

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