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To A Young Lady

To A Young Lady

written by: Thomas Park



A ring there is, upon my hand
Married and committed am I

Yet, I noticed you, in your white dress
Knee-length, with dark hair
Found you pretty

I sat on a couch, near your desk
Sent a message to my wife

20 years ago, there was a whole world
Of dialogue, games, and music
Collegiate coviviality

We were a band of artists and scholars
By day, spent time together
Swapped partners, smoked marijuana

A few games remain, but some must end
The girl I stood up in 1993 is now a woman,
Married, in New York, with twin children

My biggest crush also a wife
Adapts books into movies, lives in LA

These women, women like them
Like my wife
Know now an end of games
Know games for what they are

I got up from the sofa, near your desk
Uttered nary a word, silently I
Thanked you for the short-lived encounter
With your beauty

You may never know of, or care to thank me
For my gift to you
That no game was played
Or ever would be

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