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To Be Conquered

To Be Conquered

written by: Ashleigh-Dawn Watson


In another life I was unstoppable,
and in a parallel realm I was lovable.
I am lost, and no one wants to find me.
I’m so lonely that I can’t describe it.
In my hopeless life I was conquerable,
but only because I live to be conquered.
…only because your stare is mine now
and because your words make mine glow.

All that I possess are the possessions I’ve acquired.
Truth is a luxury that I cannot afford.
I can’t win because my cards are folded.
I’m far too inane for this kind of loathing.
In my tragic shortcuts I’ve been a nothingness
but only because I live to be nothing.
Only because I am hardly breathing now
and because the dream keeps me from falling.

Oddly, I am brave although I fear myself
and cannot break the curse which holds me down.
There is no where to seek such serenity
within its irrelevance and lackadaisical conundrum.
These walls are a useless companion,
but only because I live for your company.
…only because i do exist now
and because the thought keeps me from wilting.

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