To Discover Ice, poetry by Sobhana at
Tanner Mardis

To Discover Ice

To Discover Ice

written by: Sobhana


To discover ice,
a very young captain
went looking.
It was an absurd journey.

Twenty-one men who had followed him
they went ahead like sleepwalkers through
a ridge in the mountains
across the river
wandering through the desert of solitude
cross the Aegean Sea.

The captain,
on the verge
after so many years of absence,
shot himself in the chest with a pistol,
where a bullet could pass through
without violence.
the human heart
was so

An old angel,
fed him
an elixir of resurrection.
She said calmly,
“Dying is much more difficult than one imagines”

His twenty-one men
decided to
have a big resurrection party.
In a kind of angelic stupor,
the sad drunkards,
they broke the crystal mirror into four pieces.
They saw a light.
Excitement and disappointment, doubt and revelation
she said,

“It’s ice”

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