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To JulieAnn

written by: Edward McCloud


I look back upon the days you were my whirlwind girlfriend -
the love, the lust and thrilling power. I know why it had to end;
Oh, so pretty, clever witty and fun. Surely such sharp beauty is seen by every man.
They all love and or want you. That you left me I understand, JulieAnn
into that fast paced crowd of money, clothes, jewels, parties, cars and fame.
For your glamor you are welcome and on that plane, you've made your name.
But I see risk in what you're. Is there love below their show?
Who am I? But daily labor; just a friend you used to know
Let's say you're safe, let's say I'm wrong
let's both forget that long gone song.
But should you feel 'Like a Rolling Stone'
remember me and telephone.
To hear your voice my voice would crack
for in my heart I want to back.
Through all the pain you've put me through
I'm still a man in love with you.

Edward McCloud

Edward McCloud

I was born in Key West, Florida on September 11th, 1951. My family moved us up to Jacksonville, Florida in 1952. My mother read books to me. I remember her asking me if I could read between the lines and explained the meaning of that. From kindergarten through 8th grade I attended St. Paul's Catholic School. I was in an advanced reading class in 7th and 8th grade. We read Quo Vadis, Homer, Mythology, Oliver Twist. I went 2 years at Bishop Kenny High School and 2 years at Robert E. Lee High School. Our basketball team won 26 games and lost 3. Leonard Skinner was our coach; the great band used his name.
Edward McCloud

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