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To my ex-husband

written by: marianne


I hope you're happy now
you had so much energy
so much desire
you were on fire
no one could keep up with you
where the hell did you fall from?
ah.. yes your mother's vagina
onto the floor as she was washing
the floor
you are a good man
just didn't know how to love
a woman
it was hard to trust as I have
trouble trusting
the best thing is we don't
need to trust anyone anymore
for it's all being done without us
without our permission
no need to trust
no fear - just everlasting smooth sailing
as the invisible film
as the reel goes on.



I'm a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist,
been writing since I was a teenage with a broken heart.
I was born in nyc and lived there over 57 years.
Nothing much more to say.

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