To Persephone, a poem by Sayani Mukherjee at

To Persephone

To Persephone

written by: Sayani Mukherjee


Seashores are magical
Strokes of omens play and leap
With the cliffs where hung moonlight
With braided curls of the Irish maid.
Her ruckus and Opal melting eyes
Hold a verse of holy grail
Which like a mermaid sirens stroke
Your cheek with a call
To drown and flow on the floor bed
Of sea shell warm.

Perhaps, she loves the story of
Persephone, how the ocean moulded her
In her own small clasp
And from her soft spots grew hyacinth
And lowland of an unsung symphony.

Today, you will perch again on the warm
Sea shore to Dingle in the Seagull slurp
When crows above will circle to and fro
And their circle of thirteen blackness
Will make you wear your scarf tight
With your Bible cross slowly pressed
And utter Amen for she is the mermaid
Of your lemongrass dream.

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