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To Poetry

written by: Shekinah Blessy Madanu


Like summer that strips the trees
Of every delightful ornament,
You strip me naked of my perfect front;
My scars lie undressed
Before your watchful eyes
Yet, I’m at liberty to live.

Like spring that drives winter away
And draws out life,
You draw me out of my self,
Out of my own confinements;
You bring me to my own attention
And I see what my life can be.

Like clouds that set rain drops free,
You unchain my demons
And tame them with
The gentle touch of your hands;
You kiss my dreams, my hopes
And they, like eagles, soar.

Like a shore that obstructs waves,
You hinder my fast, careless pace
And stand me at Beauty’s gaze;
Heightened senses, unveiled eyes,
Warm blood, sensitive palms-
The world now is a better place.

Shekinah Blessy Madanu

Shekinah Blessy Madanu

I like all kinds of poems but my favorite ones are those that run deep because they heighten my senses and make me look at the aspects of life from various perspectives.
Shekinah Blessy Madanu

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