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Today And Tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow

written by: mdtaslim


Today and tomorrow
Today you are reading my words
Tomorrow you may not find my words
Today I am what I am
Tomorrow I may not be there
Today everything matters
Tomorrow nothing may not matter
If you will remember me tomorrow
When I will not be around
I will be happy for living good life
But how will it matter
Your look
Your touch
Your love
Your anger
All are for today
Tomorrow you may say
Crazy boring idiot
This is the way of life today
Yesterday I told her
I can not live without you
Today I fret and frown for my mistake
I ask her
Why did you come in my life
Our feelings are same for each other
I don’t know why
Perhaps we have stopped living in today
Perhaps we don’t accept our failure
We always think about tomorrow
We spoil our today
Try to remove dirt
Try to shine things
Try to live for today


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