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Tread softly

written by: Ipsita Banerjee



Tread softly, dearest
when the new moon
shyly peeps
from behind the clouds
and asks you
where I’ve gone…

Tread softly, dearest
when the hills glow
silently green
mist ridden
and still
in the light of dawn…

Tread softly, dearest
when the sea turns
the sunset
reflecting the light
in your eyes…

Tread softly, dearest
when the full moon calls
and it’s piercing
be denied…

Tread softly, dearest
we are never
far apart
For you walk.
yet not alone

upon my heart.

Ipsita Banerjee

Ipsita Banerjee

mother, lawyer, dreamer, intrepid traveler, poet, blogger, writer....jack of many trades....inter alia.
Ipsita Banerjee

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