Tree Dreaming, poetry written by Ingrid Bruck at
Simon Wilkes

Tree Dreaming

Tree Dreaming

written by: Ingrid Bruck



She wishes she were a tree.
Plant an acorn, it grows roots.
A second marriage. A second chance
transplants her to the southwest.
Gold sun burns
a clear bluebonnet sky.
Hard glare, poison,
the darkest-tint, sunglass medicine.
Clap, clap, clap, clap

Deep in the heart of Texas
Where a scorpion hidden in a baby shoe
raises its tail like a white flag.
Shake the shoe outside, both win.
A bobcat in a tree tenses to leap,
the horse smells danger, veers.
Prairie roses grow huge as jack rabbits.
Canna blooms erupt in vibrant rock and mineral colors.
Urban cowboys hike up a peak
to a grand four state overlook,
heat irons the hair under Stetsons.

The sage in bloom is like perfume
Girls read adventure stories and play
lead action parts without a stunt man.
Popular girls and geeks join the same club,
laugh, sing and work as sisters.
Where women don’t seek a princess-bride-marriage for solace.
Friends don’t evaporate in half-light like dew.

A live-oak planted in the front yard grows tall.
In a tree dream,
she moves in, stays put.
Her marriage grows leafy.
The stars at night are big and bright

bare feet
in wet grass
chasing fireflies



Intertext: June Hershey’s lyrics: Deep in the Heart of Texas, music by Dan Swander, 1942

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