Tripping Over Walls, poetry written by Bojana Stojcic at

Tripping Over Walls

Tripping Over Walls

written by: Bojana Stojcic



for Kim


It made no sense at all

I tripped on a stone a while ago
and fell face first on the street
I’m still wondering if no one saw me or
they did (someone must have) but were
busy trying not to trip on me

I was tripping over perfect strangers
I was tripping over perfect friends
falling into the wall that would regularly
catch fire like in a bad Hollywood
blockbuster about a town filled with sleeping

beauties who wake to the smell of freshly
burned coffee and a home of fog
our plaster structures are flammable and
can turn to ashes faster than a celluloid film
I know that now, though

some things still make little sense

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