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written by: John Chinaka Onyeche



a birthday poem for Chiadikaobi Promise


Upon this path, a symphony unfolds—
Arms outstretched, cradling a warrior youth.
The hands of destiny, like molten threads,
Weave a tapestry beneath his triumphant tread,
A sovereign march homeward.

His brow adorned with a coronet of molten gold,
A proclamation of his identity reverberates joyously:
Promise, a name etched in the air.

Behold the genesis, a newborn celestial being—
Born to us, bathed in the ethereal glow
Of the butterfly’s whispered desires.

Can you fathom the origin of this Promise,
The nexus where dreams and humanity intertwine?
We, the congregation of his kin, convened
To anoint him our progeny, the answer to a timeless plea.

In this juncture, he became Promise,
The harbinger of our patient anticipation,
A refrain sung by celestial beings who proclaim,
“No more shall we await.”

Amidst celestial hymns, we bestowed upon him the title of son,
A fulfillment mirrored in the resonance of his name—
Promise, the embodiment of our collective yearning.

Listen, for the heavens echo with praises,
A celestial hymn for the womb that cradled him
And the sibling born in a distant land,
Their spirits entwined in a harmonious dance of unity.

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