Two Worlds, a poem written by Verona Jones at

Two Worlds

Two Worlds

written by: Verona Jones



Sometimes, I wonder
what it must be like
to be inside your world,
as I stand outside,
looking in
seeing the laughter of people
that belong.

The warmth of camaraderie,
the easy mixing in,
while my heart burns with
silent yearning
to find the words to speak,
that say, “I belong!”

Yet, they’re frozen in my
When you turn towards me
And stare,
that quizzical look that says,
“What are you doing here?”
Not quite rejecting,
but not accepting either.

I give it one last,
halfhearted attempt,
but I do not belong
no matter how I try,
so, I take my leave
from this world, I don’t belong,
to where Hecate caresses me
with her gentle moonlight.

The wind whispers lovingly,
Ocean waves gently lapping,
At my feet with their kisses.
Here is my world…
where I belong.

Yet, a single silver tear
gently streaks my cheek,
just wishing you would
want to belong here with me…
then, my world would be

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