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written by: Ali Olsen



Sideways I walk,
creepy, unable to adjust
like a crab, or monster.

Stuck, I am so heavy
dragging a leg, it feels clubbed.

I see a splintered door,
medium brown
I push the door and I am pricked.

The splinter is long, like a snake,
it comes alive and slithers up my arm.

The splinter snake contains a poison
that settles in my eye
I am transported to a dizzy land,
the land of unbalance.

No one is steady
everything is swirling, and rocking,
like I am on a boat, but I am not.

I am here and sideways,
does that make sense?
Not really, but I’ll try and understand
bellows the abyss randomly back at me.

Its voice is low, and like a man.
It reminds me of a stranger eavesdropping.
I was not expecting that.

If I could just crack my neck,
I think I would feel better
adjust myself a little bit.

I just… can’t… seem… to…

Sideways I walk,
creepy, unable to adjust
like a crab, or monster.
Stuck, crooked,
gnarled and fatigued.

All my energy and focus
is on me not being straight.

Obsessing on the uneven feeling.
Forget about the splinter snake,
this is much too consuming.

Maybe a violent twist,
a sudden jerk could help.
Like somebody trying to scare
the hiccups away.

Time is now hiccupping,
and I need to feel even.

Sideways I walk, unable to adjust
like a crab or monster.

Ali Olsen

Ali Olsen

Ali Olsen is a poet, mother to a son with Autism, and married to a Veteran. She is a Lyme and POTS warrior. She is part of the LGBTQ+ community (she/her).
Ali Olsen

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