UNBELIEVABLE DIMENSIONS, by Norberto Franco Cisneros



written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


I haven’t slept in seven days it’s true
but just be glad it’s me not you
you see, it’s not that I can’t sleep
I’m just so tired and feel so weak
that I’m afraid my blood will leak
Though much courage have I sought
to overcome the gloom and what the darkness brought

Seven nights ago in bed I lay
clouds climbed high at close of day
bringing the dark on this cold eve
I had nothing more to give
but on this night, the dark brought fear
that I could do naught but drink beer

You may not believe this but you see
a certain peculiar anomaly
presented itself suspiciously
reluctantly my lids did lift and woke up in foggy haze,
to see my bedroom door ablaze

I closed my eyes for just a sec
and when I opened them the door was back
my mind was master and did not yield
but, lo and behold, my dreams revealed
a weird anomaly had surely beckoned
as something ominous just happened

I slept an hour in a lull,
until I felt ole nature’s call,
so hurried off the bed I got
the clock I heard chimed three right on the dot
and soon right then to my chagrin,
the room began to slowly spin!

The chest of drawers showed a gloom
and shining red the mirrored-moon
were on the wrong side of the dim-lit room.
pictures on the wall hung low
and who they showed, I did not know

Slowly my lids let in the light
but found the weirdness still in sight
all things were turned around askew
my hat was not where once I knew
and what I tripped on I couldn’t tell
but as I fell I gave a yell!

I tried to breathe, but breath was gone
a strange white glow was shown
a mist drew closer I could see
it moving slowly straight at me
As it approached, I noticed then
the shape within was not a friend!

Varied spikes covered the form
Its color quickly did adorn
T’was almost green but not quite green
a color I had never seen
the awful hue rotated swiftly
but on its side it yawed so briefly
that as I stared wide-eyed at the apparition
on this cold night it escaped my vision

The changeling room was to remain
I wondered if I’d gone insane
reaching for the normal door
hoping all was as before
I was soon rooted to the spot
as my hallway I knew was not

By this time I had to go
my bladder was aflame, you know
afterwards as I was done
I walked real slow to wake no one
though toilet made a rumbling noise
and down the hallway lay some toys

I walked up to my bedroom dark
I heard a dog that yelped and barked
I expected strange men in my altered den
but to my relief t’was mine again

Though gloom descended on my soul
inside my home appeared a hole
I cannot help but question how
this surreal thing came to be
and raised such ugly fear in me

You might a thought my dream went bad.
yes, I agree, it makes me mad
I know strange dimensions cannot be
these kinds of things don’t happen to me
Believe me! Truly, I’m wide awake
You must believe me for my sake!

I fear tomorrow, the day after or the next
forgive me for I’m thinking out of context.
but my God! What will I do if and when
this parallel world returns and traps me within

What will I do and where I will go?
Who will know my life in woe?
Will I know anyone there or will they know me?
What will I do, what can I do?
I’m in a constant quandary.


An alleged true story heard on Coast to Coast radio put into poetry.

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