Uncanny Numbers written by Rich at Spillwords.com

Uncanny Numbers

Uncanny Numbers

written by: Rich



This black Post
The Ghosts
With eyes so blue
Look down on you

Put me in a high – rise putting paid to my life
Caged the rage when you cannot be saved
For air’s all I care just to be down there
Solid ground the sound of never more profound
9 11 on 6 14 Uncanny No’s as they add up you see
20 20 vision upon your television rescue is futile hear the howls of derision
Clear as day this night of Hell as many horror stories tell
Phone calls to mum
Live streams on media
As our lives ebbed away we waved at the windows
“Sit down Children it’s all going to be ok”
As smoke billowed down the hallway
Can anyone of you imagine ending your days
Screaming I’ve not lived and My dreams what of they
Just to walk amongst nature in Spring with a spring in my step God’s praises I’d sing
Family close to have and to hold I’d want for nothing never complain of the cold
Why oh why with our lives did they play
My oh my someones gotta pay
To the Shoreditch crew Battersea too called too late what could you do
The first on the scene what’s this we have seen on the BBC inadequacy
On Panorama unfolds more drama the fire was put out
“I beg your pardon we shout”
As the program ended atop ladders extended
By now all is lost but how small the cost
To go and get them proper kit met their match when it re-lit

The have not’s the have’s let’s believe
Can heal the rifts and the other perceive
For all our wants and all our needs
For happiness and peace and the air that we breathe

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