Unclad, poetry written by Monica St Hillaire at Spillwords.com
Gaelle Marcel



written by: Monica St Hillaire


I wish to see you bare…
It is not your flesh I seek.
But the burning fire,
Fueled by the being that is you,
And only you…
Grasping the window to your soul.

Let me be close to you…
Without touching your delicate skin.
Want my eyes to wander far beyond the temple,
That is your body…
The intimacy I crave,
Is that of an eternal journey.

I would like to know your treasured memories,
What gladdens your heart; fills you with inner peace.
Allow me to gaze in awe at what dwells within.
The quintessential part of your existence,
Could never take second place,
To your temporal gift; the human form.

How I yearn to see you bare…
It is not your flesh I seek,
But an everlasting connection,
Mere words can not explain.
Just pure unadulterated love,
That our unique souls share…

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