Under The Black Robe, a poem written by Sheila Henry at Spillwords.com

Under The Black Robe

Under The Black Robe

written by: Sheila Henry


The heart aches as
a fire rages inside!
Tucked away
under unseen embers
for decades
a secret
smoldering there.

Children whose minds
not yet fully bloomed
who have not yet pondered
I’d be this or I’d be that
must now deal with
confused emotions and
a struggle to recover.

A manifestation of guilt
when they’re reminded of holy water
used to wash their mouths
as they whisper
“Forgive me ‘Father’
for I have sinned
it is one week since my
last confession”
And the irony is…

For a lifetime they exist
shrouded under layers of deceit
closed mouthed as unsung lyrics
remain stored away in silence
while the wrong secretly
changes the course of their journey
to an alternate existence.

Adult smiles
grace their faces
amongst many others
hiding unforgivable secrets
as though guarding
a secret pot of gold.
No one guess the facade
or see beyond false
laughter dressed as humor
as a place for secrets
to lay uncovered
hiding broken auras
in pain and shame.

For a lifetime
they cling to hurt
never seeking release of
it accompanies them
till the last handful
of dirt follows
their farewell song.
Their life’s journey forever marred.

But run tell that!
Chorus the “ME TOO” chant
shine light on the offender
to remove the shadows
of agony
taking up residency within.

Do not bear the burden
keeping hidden dark secrets
well guarded in memory vaults
suppressed deep inside.
While the perpetrator walks free
to steal yet another’s innocence
over and over again
hiding in plain sight
Under The Black Robe.

This must STOP!
Free up the tongue
set it loose
to expose the sinful acts
of the Divine Perverts
who committed them.
Heal your pain while
saving others from the same.
Run tell that story!

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