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Under The Skin

written by: Carrie Magness Radna



Malaise is colored in many shades.
Before dawn, my eyes dart open with anticipation,
wondering how to set my blues to purple, or a simple gray—
a sunrise walk might do me good.

Can we comb out foreign objects from under the skin?
Our organs hold every type of emotion
sometimes for decades. 2020 is a rough one—

Our fascinators are made of face masks.
I try to search for people’s eyes when I’m out
(I’m hardly out; it’s hard to be out now)

but I like to disappear,
without being another irritant
others have to deal with.

Carrie Magness Radna

Carrie Magness Radna

Born in Norman, Oklahoma, Carrie Magness Radna is an archival audiovisual cataloger at the New York Public Library, a singer, a lyricist-songwriter and a poet who loves to travel. Her first chapbook, Conversations with dead composers at Carnegie Hall (Flutter Press: 1st edition; now out-of-print) was published in January 2019, and her second chapbook, Remembering you as I go walking (Boxwood Star Press: self-published) was published in August 2019. Her first poetry collection, Hurricanes never apologize (Luchador Press) was published in December 2019, now available for purchase online (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBooks, etc.). She won third prize for “The tunnel” (category: Words on the Wall: All-Genre Prompt) at the 69th annual Philadelphia Writers’ Conference (2017). She also won 12th place for “Lily (no. 48 of Women’s names sensual series)” by the 2018 Writer’s Digest Poetry Awards. When she’s not performing classical choral works with Riverside Choral Society, she lives with her husband Rudolf in Manhattan.
Carrie Magness Radna

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