Unending Gallop written by Khurram Nizami at Spillwords.com

Unending Gallop

Unending Gallop

written by: Khurram Nizami



Galloping on the road
They strive to find the road
The road to lead them
To Heaven.

It’s really interesting
And unbelievable too.
Sand castles are built
And within it, dream shines.

Dream, of certainty.
Dream, of equality.
Dream, of happiness.
Dream, of prosperity.

Galloping on an issue
They battle all the odds.
Promising, that the battle is yours
Promising, the last laugh will be yours.

Then suddenly
The gallop ends.
But soon, someone gallops again
With the same intent, same passion.

And we with worried eyes, stare only
Seldom to shine, seldom to reciprocate.
But this is how the life goes
In a country, which we always acclaim.

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