Unfound Change written by Lee at Spillwords.com

Unfound Change

Unfound Change

written by: Lee



I feel the change
When east turn west
Grass blades turn bed
Trees turn light

Oh I see
The uncertainty in certain things
Gradually metamorphosing within
Beasts turning into lovers

‘Tis the time
To swim in the air
Eyes dancing in awe
Of the unforeseen change

Stores regurgitating, banks vomiting
Whole again it emerges
Like a risen dead
Change is alive

Yes it is come
Trust my clairvoyance
An unrealistic pretty vision
Worth termed apparition

When the flowers bow
In humility to the sound
Of the arch tuner
With its soothing authority

All things will be great
Perfection will be in all
Sadness will be imprisoned
Death will be mournful

O ye change
Of fictional clarity
Welcome to the age
Of ambiguous joy


©Leema Peters-Macauley

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