Universal Algorithms, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at Spillwords.com

Universal Algorithms

Universal Algorithms

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



your algorithms

now. shakes fist at universe

“No, sometimes you sleep”



Illustration description: The shape of a fiery eye sits in the middle of a dark, cool coloured sky, creating a gradiated spectrum of colour radiating outward. A golden beam of indecipherable patterns and symbols spirals outward from the heart of the eye. Just below the eye, a tiny, humanoid figure is suspended in the sky, silhouetted and seemingly caught up in the spiraling beam. Their fists are clenched and aimed upward at the all-encompassing eye.

Robyn MacKinnon

Robyn MacKinnon

I am mostly a visual artist, but I like to create "found poetry", specifically daily haiku made from the statuses of my Facebook friends. It was my Mom who started this, and officially passed the responsibility onto me when she became too busy.
Robyn MacKinnon

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