Universal Phobia, a poem by Yahuza Usman at Spillwords.com
Muhammad Taha Ibrahim

Universal Phobia

Universal Phobia

written by: Yahuza Usman



Carried away by the worldly materialism,
People run away from what is impervious, natural,
And what, in life, must smile and breathe.

I am innocent of what its cause may be,
But, here, I am touched, deeply moved,
And my heart, like a magma, melts itself
And loathes my consciousness.

Now, I can no longer see; my eyes are a replica
Of the Nile &, again, I can no longer hear;
My ears are a duplication of my mother’s silence.

Behold! Today, I lost my essence;
My face is an earthquake¬–it’s a disaster.
It infuriates every eyelid that gets its center swallowed by its center.
It reminds the crowd of eyes that life is not water,
It is a conglomeration of broken hopes.

Dear Uncle Death,
I am an innocent boy who knows your scent
Since the day I clocked 10 years on Earth.
You are the universal phobia in each heart that has a soul.
You are yourself. Your fear is what makes me human.
I hate you yet you keep loving me.
& someday, you will journey with me
To the land where only the bodies of lifeless souls breathe.

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