Universal Promises, poetry by Mihaela Melnic at Spillwords.com
Anastasia Shuraeva

Universal Promises

Universal Promises

written by: Mihaela Melnic


The space horses that I’ve been promised at birth
have come to take me on my interstellar journey
in their ancient high-tech carriage.

I know, the whip was cracked with lethal energy;
the gleaming steel spikes reached
the third layer of their skin.

They stare at me through the corridor of their steampunk
blinders as they approach me with their sacred blood profaned
by motes of dust mixed with burning, liquefied salt.

They are as distraught as those who are not reasoning
in the most mysterious hour of life.

I can’t see who is driving them.
I only see my destiny in their immense eyes
that are brimming with universal promises.

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