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Unspeakable Truths

written by: Kim Willoughby


Dysfunctional family
It’s a harsh reality
Irrational jealousy
Turns a blind eye
Deny, deny, deny
Revokes all love for daughters
Puts them out to slaughter
Sleeps with strangers in her bed
To remove the disease from her head
Predatory negotiations
Titillating manipulation
Sinful stimulation
Lies, lies, lies
Living an illusion
Narcissistic delusion
Forgotten memories or
Existing in misery
Now we are adults
With our own failings
Mistakes and fears
Non sheddable tears
You will not take our power
It is the final hour
We have opinions thoughts and dreams
But we are coming apart at the seams
Bonded by are youth
Unspeakable truths
Inappropriate laughter
Faltering thereafter
Strong personalities
Avoiding formalities
Wishing death
Hoping for the last breath
Calling each other hypocrites
Realizing our childhood was counterfeit
We’ve all come so far
Surviving the scars
We can’t quit
We must continue to exist

Kim Willoughby

Kim Willoughby

I like to write poems and raps, but haven't ever shared with anyone but family. I feel when I'm stressed, writing helps relieve some of that.
Kim Willoughby

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