Until I Am Dust, poetry written by LadyLily at Spillwords.com

Until I Am Dust

Until I Am Dust

written by: LadyLily



A pretender human being, ashamed,
purple dye pumps my body,
backbone creaks.
My fault for being born…
Ghostly shadows sing strange ways.

He jerked my body,
no trace of his poison inside me.
Dark blasted grape vines,
lightening splits the corn.
A bag full of harsh memories
kept under my bed,
never forgotten.

His looks spray me with Voodoo ash,
a mission for a filthy ego.
I will not cry, but the child who watches does…
She pities me.
Splash myself with caramel water,
the reek of his flesh sticks to my eyelids.

Birthed, the light vanished,
my cord slashed…
Someone washed my greyed form,
I screamed as rough hands scraped my skin.
This day arrows were fired,
the pulse of life streaked with ghosts.

Stagnant air followed,
dawn arrived, suddenly stolen…
Daisies refused to open their white palms,
mountains speared clouds,
cranes spiked charcoal cumulus.
In a rare vein of sanity, I looked and listened.

Cut one’s flesh,
a sometime release from the Master cyclone,
rope swinging, will anyone notice?
Sup Belladonna, vomit…
Will I become someone?

Mother may I catch your eye?
…or dance with you on iced paths.
I’m here chopping wood, waiting,
waiting for you.
Looking. Looking for you.
Foam oozes from my lips.
Just to touch you…
Your throbbing womb delivered a human.

You cannot trace me to something else.
I drift through shifts of time,
endeavouring to sing and dance
until I am dust.

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