Upon My Door, a poem written by DivyaaN at Spillwords.com

Upon My Door

Upon My Door

written by: DivyaaN


In silence, they wait upon my door
In smockings dark, my mates galore
Pinched bosoms, bearers of bad milk
She-devils clad in the blackest silk

They rode me all of yesterday
Dragging me like a dog on a sleigh
Shrieking at me, if I dare not play
A liar they brand me, as I pray

Savoring my sobs, my bluest fears
They taste the terror in my tears
I’m beaten of soul, before the dawn
A hollow hump, I’m spent at morn

Horror and angst, they shop for me
Laughing fiends on wicked sprees
No dearth of cash in their purses
They return with bags full of curses

Dancing with these foes for so long
Has yet not made me very strong
I shiver still at what they’ll bring
Which painful dirge, they’ll come to sing

The day shall trot, the mares will neigh
My sanctum breached in every way
To their tune I’ll waltz, forevermore
In silence, they wait upon my door



I am an amateur Indian writer. I dabble with both poetry as well as prose.

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