Upped And Gone written by J.Ahlberg at Spillwords.com

Upped And Gone

Upped and Gone

written by: J.Ahlberg



The words have flown their paper nest,

spread their leaves.

They have done what they were crafted up to.


Convey thought — boldly.

Make their way in the world.

Their letters have uncurled their tails and peaked their hats.

They have held hands, locked arms.

Learnt their lessons, flocked.


I mourn for them.

My words.

My well-worked on words.

So long I have wanted them to grow.

So much they have taken,

and gone.

I am alone.


So this is what it feels like,

once the words have done their best.

So this is what it feels like,

for a writer to be left in an empty nest.

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