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written by: Corey Brockington



Smoke and mirrors and allegory in the hit—
this bullet is instigated.
Chem trailing from nostrils…
contradictions of rebirth rebuttal
gangrenously as tokened lead.

december sparked her may upon born,

Procured a whirl a prey afore prayer—
how panthers and grizzlies, transgressed him?
So all of whom adversarial could conspire
Until proclamation of supple claw grew

global scattered purview, latitude

Where city is jungle and wilderness.
At rush hour but labor,
Antisocially unacceptable streaming…
Crawl by sprawl with traffic
Simultaneously skulled; enlighten outwardly


Predisposed sirens of segue:

da lisitsa
“I surrender nor dismay what ‘twas.” Ado:

her-ashes perplex, his dust…

Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington

Corey Brockington begins telling lyrical stories as a songwriter from New York. He becomes survivor of tragedies, lover of change, and poetic storywriter. The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association and HSBC award his poetry anthology while he attends college in search for inner voice. At twenty-nine years old, Corey’s poetic tales transcend his lyrical rhythms into words painted. Subsequently, also know as Brock, he was published in a reflexive collection entitled Yearnings, and is currently orchestrating his first novel. Parallelistic Inker compiles of present and past during his daily commute, whereas he transcribes multi-person viewpoints, nearby shores and skyscrapers for contrast.
Corey Brockington

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