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Vegan Dinner

written by: Sinister Sweetheart


Someone throwing a dinner party referred to himself as a "vegan" cannibal. I asked him how such a thing could be possible? He raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "Easy, I eat vegans." My eyes became heavy, it was too late, the sedative already had started to take hold. The whir of a carving knife was the last thing I heard before I faded out of consciousness.

Sinister Sweetheart

Sinister Sweetheart

Since Sinister Sweetheart made her first post to a popular Internet forum, she's taken the horror community by storm. Her ability to create, terrify, and drive home her stories is insurmountable.
Sinister Sweetheart's published works can be found in multiple anthologies for all to read, but be forewarned, if you do... you may want to call your therapist after, her stories are terrifying, disturbing and devilishly unsettling.
She is not only a fright visually, but also has a creepy tentacle in horror podcasting as well. Sinister Sweetheart writes, voice acts and is the media director of the Scarecrow Tales podcast.
Sinister Sweetheart

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