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written by: N.E. Teeuw


If I were a guitar you’d be my strings
If I were a drum you’d be my skin
I am but a vessel, carrier of words
Inspiration needs its muse
Its stimulus, a spur
If I were a grand piano
You’d be the fingers on my keys
A flute and you’d be the air that I need
The notes on my score
A fraud, I disclose
For I am but a vessel
For my muse to compose



Poem and artwork published in book 'One Hundred Valentines' by N.E. Teeuw.

N.E. Teeuw

N.E. Teeuw

Writer, poet and songstress, N. E. Teeuw grew up in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in song-writing and an honest and vulnerable storytelling sense, her words capture her unique voice in a powerful and heartfelt way, manifesting itself in the form of a beautiful book titled 'One Hundred Valentines' which is exquisitely delivered and a delicate, yet powerful collaboration of poetry, painting and prose.
N.E. Teeuw

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