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Villages Apart

written by: Thryaksha


He bent down low,

Placing his paper boat on the river.

He stood quietly, watching,

While the wind blew through his hair.

His only hope, she flowed,

His message to his lover,

Villages below, a girl waited,

Paper-white lighting her up.

She bent down low,

Picking the paper boat from the river,

Picking the paper rolled,

Smoothing it out.

A smile, a soft sigh,

She looked around, cautious,

But she was alone,

She read it to herself.

Clutching the paper,

She knew his words

Were his only music,

She’ll hear for a while.

But sitting by the rocks,

She closed her eyes,

Pretending, but hoping,

She could hear him strum.

Villages above, a boy stood,

Playing to the howling winds,

Pretending, but hoping,

She could hear him sing...



Thryaksha is a seventeen-year old writer from Chennai, India. She is currently pursuing psychology, and she's an avid reader. Her work has been published in several anthologies, and she's a member of the Indian poetry circle. She's also interested in artforms such as pen and ink, and sketching. She usually likes to touch upon issues such as feminism, aesthetics, love, and self-reliance.

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