Visit From Another Ghost, a poem by Roger Turner at
Aberrant Realities

Visit From Another Ghost

Visit From Another Ghost

written by: Roger Turner



There was a knocking on my bedroom door
It was almost ten past three
I thought it was a dream, so I
just ignored it…went to pee

I came back to my bedroom
And in my corner chair
Sat a Christmas ghost I’d seen before
I acted though he was not there

I looked at him and then it dawned
You’re number three of all the ghosts
He said that nothing much had changed
The others were working up the coast

He said since his last visit
I’d gotten somewhat worse
And that the chance of my salvation
was far outnumbered by my curse

You don’t believe in Christmas
You’re not one we can change
On a scale of one to ten sir
you’re not even in the range

The others figured what the heck
You go, you don’t need us
It’s only been one Christmas
So, there’s no need for us to fuss

He told me Scrooge, you’re awful
You make what skin I have left crawl
You’re so close to the bottom now
You’d have to go up just to fall

I told him you’re mistaken
I donate, and then…what’s more
Scrooge is my next door neighbor
He’s one house down at forty four!!!!

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