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written by: Julia K



I find myself
spinning slowly
in a soft cocoon
while the world lurches
rearranging itself
in its big sky mirror

In the waiting room
of my mind-screen
I watch the wavy sea
of human existence

dumped onto rocks
scattering, splattering,
the pretty gloss shattering

what was pasteurised
is now a jigsaw puzzle
of fragments

the race of humankind
lies naked and broken
nothing more than playthings
for fortune’s fool

I would do something,
start to help
fix the pieces
but I’m not part of this show
no mover or shaker,
I was a couldabeen.
I had potential.

Now I’m just a poet
watching the world roll by.

Julia K

Julia K

I live in Australia on the Mornington Peninsula (state of Victoria) close to the beach. I have written poetry all my life and am in the process of publishing some books in 2020. I find poetry to be therapeutic and it is a great creative outlet which I often combine with photography to create a unique story.
Julia K

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