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Waiting for Valerie

Waiting for Valerie

written by: Dr. Gideon Sampson Cecil


Leaves are dying for love in autumn
A lonely bench waiting for her to come
I am a lonely tree waiting to be kissed
I am waiting for Valerie to come
To come into my desolate heart
I long for her romantic touch beyond touch.

The brilliant sun burnt out her love
These scorched leaves like a peeled onion
She is making coffee for me on an empty bench
Waiting for me to come like an afternoon breeze
My heart is beating like the ticking clock in the sun
She awaits me patiently among the leaves for some fun.

Some little green trees singing in the rainy breeze
Valarie reads a book on her lonely bench
Her elegant hair kisses her succulent lips
Her eyes are fallen like snowflakes on her pages
She reads love sonnets of Elizabeth Browning
Falling in love with me on a pristine morning.

Lonely doves hid among the trees
Singing Valerie is in love with me
A silent sun dying in the West
Singing an anthem our love is blessed.
I send my heart knocking at her door
She kissed me like the wind for me to love her more.

I held her hand walking in this arid park
Her stunning eye rekindles a spark
A lovely rainbow watches us under the trees
Tender dew drops –dropping around me
The wind caressed her immaculate face
I kissed her lips of elegance and grace.

Her eyes spoke of love
Her mind falters and digressed
Wounding my fractured soul
Like a broken heart sunk in a glass
Her lips taste like wine
Obscurity of her love is hard to define.

Her eyes spoke more than words
Implicating my heart in her desires
Her coral lips burn me like hell fires
She departs suddenly like a bird.
Burn me with love let me cry,
Captivate me in your heart let me die.

She walked among the lonely woods in the night,
I am alone on the bench contemplating the moon light
A rainy breeze singing softly
A reggae love song as she walks gently.
She is hidden among the yellow trees
Please return and fall again in love with me.

I am writing you a love poem my darling
Come lie next to me in the misty morning
Let’s watch the sun rise behind the verdant trees
Take a picture of nature’s beauty in your eyes
Exchange your heart with mine in the shimmering rains
Don’t share your love for my heart to pain.

My heart is like an empty ocean
You are my songs of devotion
Let your rains of love fill my ocean
Kiss me gently to ignite my emotions
Let these autumn leaves fall over you
You will sing again your love for me is true.

I love you still I know not why
My love for Valerie shall never die
You are blown like leaves to a distant land
You are just footprints on the sea shore sand.
I am waiting for you to come very soon
You are the light in the soul of my moon.
I am fascinated by loves’ philosophy
Inspired by my muses to write love poetry.
I am lost in the woods like Dante’s inferno
Searching for Valerie in a fictive paradise
You are gone my fair maiden among my muses
You are a Goddess whom the Gods choose.
Your love is a game I play in this park
Please return my love from this dense forest that’s so dark.

I am resting on a lonely bench
Lost in a dream in the astral worlds
My spirit traverses among my muses
Searching for Valerie on mount Olympia
I am swift like an eagle in the worlds on high
Exploring continents where love knows not I

The trees are gaffing at the break of dawn
Valerie is resting under their yellow umbrella
I am cooking breakfast near this adventurous bench
I am hungry for her love as she dreams away.
Awake my Valerie I am starving for your touch!
Drink coffee at dawn we are in love very much.

I am at Holland Park contemplating my destiny
I am in love but hardly have any money
I am writing poetry and think of lunch
Writers are starving but love answered all
I drink words like sugar in my tea
What the heck as long Valerie loves me?

I am writing a Nobel Prize Epic poem on leaves in my soul
The pages are my unending memory of Valerie
Am I a Homer, Virgil, Dante or Shakespeare in love?
Poets are the best masterpieces of art at love
Crafting verses coming from world’s above.
Am I a next Shakespeare who has fallen in love?

I am alone sitting on this bench
Reading Walcott the imagistic genius
Crafting my poetry from his magnificent Omeros
Thinking of Valerie blown in the dust
What love I possess is hard to trust
I am in love with love in fictive lust.

I walked away slowly in the woods again
Covering my head from a sudden rain
Yellow dead leaves falling around me
Valarie comes suddenly like a lonely wave from the sea.
We are soaked cogitating deeply in our eyes
Our eyes spoke messages of love
Never love in hate if it comes from above.

We are walking in the rainy dawn
Birds whistled from distant trees
A hot angry wind dries the rain off our clothes
We held hands walking towards the bench
We sat down slowly drinking the tea I made
Valerie and I are passionately in love again.

Afternoon birds are coming in immaculate formation
Sitting on the trees as night creeps in slowly
Valerie is resting on a pillow next to me
We are far away from home
The red river of the sun going down silently in the west
my hands touching her sophisticated breast.
She awoke silently and kissed my contemplative lips
The yellow leaves sung: ‘‘Valerie is in love with me.’’

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