Walking Corpses, poetry by Sadiya Abdulaziz at Spillwords.com
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Walking Corpses

Walking Corpses

written by: Sadiya Abdulaziz


He said to me: “Some people are walking corpses. Alive but not living.”

How can you tell?

Because they’ve left the life they wished to live
To rot and ruin inside of them

They let the sights they dream about
To wither from not seeing the light of day

They killed their dreams
Before they let them breathe

They’ve locked it in
Out of fear of judgment
Until it’s all dry and hollow
The bare bones of the life they truly want
Lie in a casket of their own making.

So you see, some people have corpses
Inside of them.
Their eyes a graveyard
Their hearts a cemetry.

Am I one of them?

He smiled down at me.

That all depends
on the choices
you make
With every breath
you take.

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