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Waning Lyrical

written by: Aaron Marchant


The muse and I are lovers, we meet on the blank page
together we conspire, our desire to assuage
We complete each others sentences, two minds in perfect sync
and each collaboration is a love affair in ink

The muse and I have quarreled, she's not speaking anymore
her silence manifest in crumpled pages on the floor
It seems, I am too needy, too demanding of her time
yet without her contribution there's no reason to my rhyme

The muse and I have parted, no more to reconcile
her pretty words false-hearted, her synthetic tears facile
She promised me eternity, dictating as I writ
now, another scribe must serve as her creative conduit

Aaron Marchant

Aaron Marchant

2018 AUTHOR OF THE YEAR at Spillwords.com
Aaron Marchant lives in the rolling Chiltern Hills in UK, where he enjoys walking among the bluebell woods and occasionally finding poetic inspiration whilst enjoying a beer in the garden of a country pub.
Aaron Marchant

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