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They say there’s a calm before the storm, a quiet that washes over everything
It’s eerie, yet so peaceful
It’s a warning, for the catastrophe to come
However, there was no warning, no peace nor quiet
Just a hurricane that wiped me clear of all my senses
There was no sign, no eerie sensation to send chills through my body,
to signal the natural disaster that was about to wreak havoc on my heart
Like a twister, you ripped my mind into fragments of what it used to be before you
I was left broken
Then you took those pieces and lit them aflame
Whatever beauty left in me, torched, like a forest fire that kept growing until I was engulfed,
They say storms come with warnings, there’s a calm and a quiet
I, however, don’t believe them
No warning came with you

d. newman

d. newman

Canadian poet, trying to inspire and heal through words.
d. newman

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