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Warrior Seeds

written by: Shaun Dobbs



Warriors rest well for what lies ahead

War rages strong until he's finally dead

Created a place to dislocate thought

Ripped holes in my soul to move on

I can't explain disdain for all of the blind

Living life sheep like simpleton mind

Try to smile but happiness leaves

Not just words I'm dissembling seeds

Pride lost me, thoughtless, I gave up

All that I had was hopelessly made up

Homeless, no less I still moved on

Refuse to quit, rebuilt, become strong

Over the mediocre I shine bright

To be in the dark a guidance of light

Reborn a rolling storm I create destiny

Knowing all I have is because of me

Self worth is self made always rise

Do something now because we all die

Giving up regrets begins the heal

Be who you are and be who you feel

It is what we make it always be true

Stand tall, push on, rise above you

Shaun Dobbs

Shaun Dobbs

I have been writing freely through social media most of my life.
I hope to one day be in a place to make writing a career but, I write because I love to, not for money.
Shaun Dobbs

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