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Wave Right Back

Wave Right Back

written by: Luiz Syphre



Mason is looking at messages on his phone with all the little, cutie, stupid stickers from chat rooms and text messages. ‘Those stickers are so childish’ he thinks, and then he clicks on the profile of a hand sticker waving at him, ‘It’s a girl named ‘Maddie’ or maybe another cutie little username that girls use nowadays for attention. ‘Those stickers do anything for attention’ he thinks, then…

All of a sudden, he glances at millions of pixels come together slowly to conspire an angelic beauty. He can’t hurry the fuzz of the emerging picture fast enough! “Oh God hurry! Please faster service!” he prays quietly to the reception God, for he knows there’s the woman in his dreams beaconing him behind the clarity of the fuzz… but God is toying with him, as if the slow Wi-Fi is giving him a strip tease… Thru the fluorescence the conspiracy is supreme. Then after what seemed like ages, the conspiracy kills him and the image is clear. An Angel stands in front of him. His wild dreams escape like dogs bursting from their leash! His mind barks with Imagination:

He approaches her, gazes into her deep blue eyes and for a moment, he swears it’s a deep ocean casting a view back. He must look away before he drowns. He takes her soft hand, the hand that’s a simple “hi” to her, and at the most gentle touch… he’s electrified! How could such a simple touch hold the weight of a thousand possibilities?! All his imagination flows in a second, like electricity thru his body, like high voltage in his veins.  He treats her hand delicately and lowers it to his patient lips.  He’s been waiting a lifetime for this moment, so what’s another millisecond to be graced by a Goddess?… he figures.

Round and round, then BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!
The dryer with his clothes at the laundromat signals its completed cycle.  Just like that!… It’s midnight for this cinderfella and the electric bells of reality once again toll for a fool!

“Thank you.  I wave right back.”

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