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Way of Life

written by: Evelyn



remember, remember
the ruins, the shadows
the glorious past
and forget not
the beauty, the treasures
that abide
within and without

then build a city
from scratch
in utmost diligence
design it to last
thus, dwell in its glory
and forget not
to live, to bathe in the light

of future’s history
the glorious present
the ruins, the shadows
today being cast
the beauty, the treasures
tomorrow will abide
to be remembered, remembered

Evelyn (poeticasymptote)

Evelyn (poeticasymptote)

I'm just Evelyn.

I see an immense amount of beauty and destruction in the universe, and I believe that everything has a deeper meaning if we only care to look closer.

I always have a poem waiting in the pocket of my mortal jeans.
Evelyn (poeticasymptote)

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