We All Cary A Song, poetry written by RhymeRula at Spillwords.com

We All Cary A Song

We All Cary A Song

written by: RhymeRula



The rhythms, the melodies, the lyrics, we all hear it,

The heartbeat to every tune that brightens and strengthens my day

From the unpleasant grey skies gloom,

It can be strenuous to be sanguine in somber days

So I sink my conscious into the depths of the delta providing my blues with alleviation,

I’ve seen the emphatic bass cause a pop in hips that caused everyone to hop

Hands held high to withhold the weight of a crowd surf,

Smooth, brisk, tingling, refreshing, as methanol cough drops

The jazz caused me to take five minutes and add that to the alarm clock

For an extra snooze,

Productivity revitalized when the funk gives the soul an extra pump,

Bundling my worries while whistling to not worry and be happy,

She’s delectable as a cinnamon roll that used to love stuffing her mouth full of pop rocks,

Those good vibes keep inviting themselves back in because…

We all carry a song for our mind to find momentary freedom from any turmoil

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