We All Have A Dark Side, poetry by Sajida Haddad at Spillwords.com
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We All Have A Dark Side

We All Have A Dark Side

written by: Sajida Haddad



I can feel the darkness closing in
Wrapped around my chest
I can feel the empty heaviness
Shadow me as I rest
I can feel the shadow lengthening
Attacking me at my best

And all I can do is pray
That the darkness doesn’t engulf me
We all have a dark side
A selfish mean side
So let us be kind
And let our light shine

There are times when I can’t help it
I can feel I’m not happy for someone
Not that I want any harm done
Or for something to be taken from them

But there’s selfishness inside of me
It makes me feel needy
When something happens to someone
I think of its effect on me

Because we’re all interconnected
And for every action
There is a reaction
And fortune is a matter of perspective

Like when someone is sick
How unfortunate!
They go see a doctor
The doctor is fortunate

When someone travels
Oh, lucky them!
But those they left behind
Will weep over them

Nobody has it all
God takes some and gives some
Contentment is hard to obtain
But once you have it, try to maintain

Pray for health and peace of mind
Wealth will come and go
Pray for a joyful state of mind
No matter how circumstances go

Life will take you up and down
This isn’t heaven, it’s not perfect
You will smile, you will frown
Grieve only over what is worth it

Like the loss of a loved one
Or the death of a dream
Or if you sell your soul
For something cheap

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