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written by: Okpa usang


Now I know something must kill a man
With the whistle sound round my yard
Not the one for fraud
Not the one in the mouth of a referee
Not the one I played with as a child

But the one in the mind
The moment I heard this special one I wept
The whistle of no electricity in my yard
Yet I pay taxes
Yet I pay bills
Yet I sleep in mock parade

With my bed singing that popular song of hope
Hope for the saints
Not the holy ones
But the saints I chose
That now turn to GENERALS

GENERALS I chose with my thumb
Now I call for help
With my teeth open to heaven
Where my help comes from
Now my teeth open for justice

Now I feel my teeth are black like the blackboard
Because I go to GENERALS for help
I come for justice patrol
That makes me different from them
Because I am the chosen GENERAL
My shoes sing a peace song for me.
This time in Efik Language.


Literature is indeed a way to promote our socio-political, cultural and economic situation of our society.

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