We Are The Makers Of Our Fantasies, by Samantha Beardon at Spillwords.com

We Are The Makers Of Our Fantasies

We Are The Makers Of Our Fantasies

written by: Samantha Beardon


Flying high, bandits at Ten o Clock,
Bullets ripping into each fuselage 
tearing, burning, stripping
nerves bare, magnifying 
the tingling pain, which travels through the ether.
Leading us towards wildness – in this
aerial ballet.

Flying High, bandits at Ten o Clock,
We jockey for position,
Who will lead, who will follow,
 as we weave,
 Our wings become interlocked,
Lines blurred opposing teams conjoin,
Victor – versus – Vanquished.
Fanning the flames 
 Bleeding from myriad wounds
We fly, locked together, 
Spinning, grasping, feeding on
the updrafts, and the others wounds,

My fuselage shot to pieces
I am dropping faster, torn skin 
sliding, wings detaching,
Have you the strength to match me?
      Over a
Will we tumble together
    in unison
Hold the Connection –

 Flying high, bandits at Ten o Clock
We are the makers of our fantasies.

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